CotG: 2009 Topps Chrome

It is always great to beat the Phillies. But I have to admit with Cliff Lee, they might be the best in the National League and I don’t have much faith tomorrow with Redding on the mound. Still the chance for the Mets to play spoiler is worth the watch if I’m not doing anything.

Last weekend, I went to my local comic book shop looking for Invincible #63 (Part three of the Conquest storyline) and like every comic shop in NYC they didn’t have it. So I ended up buying three hobby packs of 2009 Topps Chrome.

Pack 1:
Anthony Claggett
Ian Kinsler
Juan Pierre
Edwin Monreno

Pack 2:
Greg Golson
Shunsuke Watanabe WBC- Very Cool
Ryan Howard
Xavier Nady

Pack 3:
Cole Hamels
Tom Stuifbergen WBC- Refractor 225/500
Lance Berkman
Andy Petititte


First my scanner doesn’t scan chrome too well. A refractor of someone from the Netherlands and no Mets. Although, I love the WBC cards especially those of the Japanese team. It adds new Asian players in my collection. I haven’t bought much Topps or Topps Chrome so believe it or not Watanabe is my first Japanese WBC insert. I have been getting no name players from the Netherlands, South Africa etc. As for the CotG (Card of the Game), looking at the stats of the back only one player of the bunch play with the Mets, although briefly. This player is Xavier Nady. If I’m not mistaken he was traded for Oliver Perez.


I need to get a couple more packs to make a fair judgment but 2009 Topps Chrome could easily be in my top 3 products of the year. So far it is Allen and Ginter, Donruss Americana (retail) and Topps Basketball Signatures. I am usually more of an Upper Deck collector but this year they have put out anything really that exciting.

I also got an Anderson Hernandez autograph and Daisuke Matsuzaka Goudey jersey in the store for only $7. They’re great additions to my collection. I love the design of the auto and I’ve been following Daisuke’s career since he came to the Red Sox.

A Hernandez Auto

Daisuke Goudey


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