CotG: Allen and Ginter Blaster Part 2

I always liked Figgy (you got to the root for the hometown heroes) and he did excellent today. But he is part of worst pitching rotation that I know of (Parnell, Figgy, Pelfrey, Redding and Misch). It consist of the “ace” Pelfrey who’s having a bad year and been inconsistent throughout his career, two low potential youngsters and two journeymen. I dare you to find a worst rotation at any time, any team.

This is part 2 of the Allen and Ginter blaster break.

Pack 1:
Ryan Doumit
Derrek Lee
Victor Martinez
Jordan Schafer
Unicorn Mini
David Wright National Pride
Code ad

Pack 2:
Joakim Soria
Felix Hernandez
Ryan Dempster
Derek Jeter
Mark Ellis Mini
Jake Peavy National Pride
Another Code ad

Pack 3:
Carlos Quentin
Robbie Maddison
Travis Hafner
Jay Bruce Code
Jeremy Bonderman No Number mini 13/50
Erik Bedard National Pride


Not bad at all. I almost missed the no number Bonderman parallel. It looks just like a regular mini but lucky I noticed the hand written serial number when I was organizing the cards. The unicorn mini is pretty cool too but the CotG (Card of the Game) has to be David Wright. Without a doubt, he is the face of the franchise and I truly believe he is the right man for the job. He always plays hard even in this dismal season and he loves/ respects the game, the players & coaches and most importantly the fans as far as I can tell. He will grow into the leadership role more and be the unofficial captain of the team (the Derek Jeter of the Mets).

AG_David Wright


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