Stand Out Autos: RatM and The Ramones

I got this Marky Ramone autograph in person a long time ago when there was a Virgin Megastore. Unfortunately I was a fan of the Ramones far too late to get the whole band to sign any piece of memorabilia and anything signed by the whole band now would cost an arm and a leg. Still I got to meet at least one of the members of one of my favorite bands.

Ramones Auto

Speaking of which, Tom Morello is the one of greatest guitarist in our generation (maybe ever). His solos are really something special. Anyways I got this signed Rage Against the Machine CD from someone who got it in person from a signing at the Virgin Megastore.

RatM Auto

Now that the record/ CD stores are being phased out for digital music, how am I supposed to get the autographs of my favorite bands now? To think of it, with only mp3s what can I even get signed by the bands?



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4 responses to “Stand Out Autos: RatM and The Ramones

  1. try writing to the management company in the liner notes or from the artist website – my buddy works for crush management (fall out boy, gym class heroes, cobra starship etccc) and they get req for the bands in the mail and stuff and always pass it on when they visit the office – also, they usually have tons of random promo stuff hanging around – you might be able to ask for a photo or a poster.. just a thought

  2. Good to know.

    Crush Management sounds familiar. I may have visited their office once or twice when I was working for Virgin Comics. If my memory serves me right, the people and atmosphere was very relaxed, very cool for the lack of a better term.

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  4. Afx

    How much you wanna sell that rage against the machine cd for? Email me. Peace

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