CotG: 09 UDx

First it is very good to see Pelfrey pitch well today because a little awhile ago he wasn’t very confident and visibly anger with himself. Secondly I can’t believe Brian Schneider is still starting. Even with two hits day, he is still batting below .200. No player belongs in the majors if they are below the Mendoza line. I may be talking as a fan but I want to see how the combination of Josh Thole, who has been very promising and Omir Santos perform. If they do well, the Mets just may have filled the catcher hole for cheap.

Anyways, I bought a couple of packs from the hobby store awhile ago (I’m going to spread them out) and I got this 2009 UDx baseball to make it an even 20. X may be the worst product last year, but I’ll give it another chance.

The pack:
Prince Fielder
Hanley Ramirez
Joe Nathan Die Cut
Dan Haren Xponential
Alfonso Soriano


I shouldn’t make a judgment based on one pack but at the price point I rather get the base set because it has better inserts and possibly better hits. It seems that the only selling point X has is its shininess. Still I got an Ichiro card for my PC.

I really don’t know how to approach this pack in terms of CotG (Card of the Game). But I guess I have to choose the card that stands out the most and that is Dan Haren because it is soooo shiny.



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2 responses to “CotG: 09 UDx

  1. I want to complete the base set. Dunno if I’ll be able to. Might wait till they drop ten dollars a blaster next year..

  2. Wow, for being what it is, that is an epic pack. If I had gotten it when I was still collecting Prince, it would’ve been a 4 out of 6 keeper pack.

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