Mail Day: Trade with Sharpe Since 92

I got these two awesome cards for my PC from a trade with Jim from Sharpe Since 92. If you’re curious, this is my end of the trade. Ichiro is easily my favorite player and this would be my first Fukudome hit. For the record, I value bat cards I little more than jersey cards. You rarely see bat cards anymore. I would think players go through more bats than jerseys, unless players get a new jersey every game. Plus I feel that bats bring me “closer to the game”. So thanks again.

Ichiro Fukudome

I got back to collecting maybe a year/ year and a half ago and I already collected about 1,500 Asian baseball/ basketball cards and about 25-30 hits. I did this mostly through buying packs, searching in commons bins in my card store and through trades like this. For the record I don’t buy cards on eBay (why that is could be another post for another time).

By the way, I just bought a very interesting non- sport repack which I would open sometime next week.


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