CotG: More Topps Big

I didn’t watch the Mets game today but looking at the boxscore it must have been exciting with the Mets coming back big from behind late in the game.

After the Topps Big CotG (Card of Game) break awhile ago, I decided to get two more packs of Topps Big Series 1. There were only $0.25 each and are more fun to open than the Topps base set.

Pack 1:
Hubie Brooks
Dale Sveum
Andres Galarraga
Luis Polonia
Bob Boone
Terry Pendleton
Darrell Evans

Pack 2:
Mike Witt
Robby Thompson
John Kruk
Alvin Davis
Mike Witt
Steve Sax
Paul Molitor

The CotG is John Kruk because he is one my favorite analyst with Baseball Tonight/ ESPN. Fun fact, I always pronounce his name as John Krunk. Here’s another fun fact, according to the back Kruk “excelled in basketball in high school.” For some reason, I don’t see that being true with his body type.

Topps Big_Kruk Front

Topps Big_kruk back

Now I have to figure out how the heck I am going to store these cards.


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