Random Pack Break: Celebrity Repack Guarantee Auto!!

This is the repack I’ve been teasing. It looks like another company is benefiting from the Inkworks’ bankruptcy. I am very curious about it and at $15 for a guarantee celebrity autograph and probably a couple packs of Donruss Americana, I have to take the plunge.


The six packs are 3 packs of ‘08 Donruss Americana II and 3 packs of PopCardz. If you’re not familiar with the products in general the Donruss packs has mostly an older generation of celebrities and PopCards has mostly a younger generation of celebrities.

The Donruss packs first: (The script is hard to read so I might have misspell a name or two)
Ed Asner
Regis Philbin
Lee Meriwether
TV Stars Wink Martindale Relic 457/500
Peggy Fleming
Louis Mandylor

Pack 2:
Elisabeth Rohm
Lindsay Wagner
Joyce DeWitt
Ricardo Montalban
Haywood Nelson

Pack 3:
Emily Procter
Natalie Raitano
John Saxon 204/250
Christina Applegate
Stephen Tobolowsky

Wink hit

The PopCardz:
Molly Sims
Adam Brody
Amber Tamblyn
Ashley Tisdale
Camilla Belle

Pack 2:
Jon Heder
Jared Leto
Raven- Symone
Mandy Moore
Rachel Bilson

Pack 3:
Adam Brody
Amber Tamblyn
Chris Evans
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Lily Collins

Raven Symone Popcardz

One of few that I think I recognize. She's with Disney or something, right?

The guarantee auto is:

Marco Auto

I have no idea who he is and I only vaguely remember the show 4400. The PopCardz are definitely not for me because I clearly have no idea who most of them are and the cards look kind of amateurish. The Wink Martindale hit is a pleasant surprise and it is the saving grace for this repack. Donruss Americana II is a set I’m trying the complete and I only got one card I needed. The cards I still need are 122,128,136,164,185,189.



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: Celebrity Repack Guarantee Auto!!

  1. The Wink Martindale is nice. It makes a nice companion to the Bob Eubanks in the set.

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