The Sets I Have Completed/ I Am Trying to Complete

This is going to be a quick post. The Mets are in quite a rut, losing to the Nationals yesterday and the way they are going, it doesn’t look like the Mets are going to win any game anytime soon. It is really depressing. I have a bunch of baseball packs just waiting to be opened for CotG (Card of the Game) posts and in response haven’t bought a baseball pack in awhile.

With the money saved, I’ve been buying a bunch of basketball and non- sport cards and focusing my efforts to complete a couple of random sets. Yesterday I got two cards I needed from the common bin in my local card store which completed the 2009 Upper Deck Draft Edition Basketball. This is the third set I completed with the Batman Archives and a weird Rodeo set being the others. For the record, I don’t really care about rodeo but the boxes were only a buck so I got 3 or 4 boxes.

These are the two sets I’m close to completing. Any help would be appreciated.
Donruss Americana II

Dinosaurs Attack!


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