CotG: 2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball

The only reason I watched the Mets game today was to see how well John Maine would pitch. He did great (5 scoreless) which is promising for next year.

This pack of 2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball is the second pack from the repack I got from Toy R Us. I have gotten lucky with this product in the past.

The pack:
Miguel Tejada
Howie Kendrick
Robinson Cano
Pedro Martinez
Mike Piazza Faces of the Game Insert

A solid pack. The CotG (Card of the Game) is definitely between Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza. I really never was a fan of Pedro even when he was doing well for the Mets. I don’t really know why but I get a mercenary type vibe from him and I don’t really care he is pitching the Phillies now. I didn’t expect him to do much but honestly he is doing pretty good. I started following the Mets in the late 90’s so I would always associate Mike Piazza with the Mets. Mike Piazza is one of, if not the best, offensive catcher in history. Thus Mike Piazza is not only one of my favorite Mets but the CotG.

Mike Piazza Faces


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