CotG: 2007 UD Masterpiece

Sorry for the late post. I just assumed that the Mets lost today.

Anyway, going against my better judgment, I got the repack that contains a jersey/ card frame and 3 random packs a little awhile ago which I will open only now because the Mets have been playing so poorly. I have gotten burned on these before but at the Toy R Us in Time Square they were selling blaster $25-27 and the loose packs are mostly more expensive than anywhere else so the repack at $8 was looking like a bargain (‘cause you know I can’t leave without something). I learned a few tricks like picking out the skinniest pack. From experience, the skinner the pack is the newer/ better the cards and vice versa the thicker the pack is the older the cards. A lot of the packs are junky 80’s cards.

The first pack is a 2007 Upper Deck Masterpiece. I bought a ton of this stuff when it first came out so I have most of set.

The pack:
Jackie Robinson
Reggie Jackson
Joe Mauer
Michael Jordan

All four are accomplished athletes but Jackie Robinson probably has had the biggest impact in the game. Even the most causal baseball fan knows the story of how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and maybe all of America. There is a reason why his number is retired by all of baseball.

Jackie Robinson Masterpiece

The jersey/ card frame is of someone who might owe his career to Jackie Robinson, The Big Hurt, Frank Thomas. Not bad.

Frank Thomas Frame

Also, I just bought a collection of cards (mostly 80’s stuff) for real cheap. But some of the cards are rather strange (at least to me). I’ll scan them and write a post sometime next week.


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