What Happened to These Cards?

I guess this is my “Things Done to Cards” post. A little warning: I might be over thinking this. I tend to do that from time to time.

I recently bought a collection of mostly 80’s cards for real cheap and when I was sorting it about 8 Upper Deck cards looked like they were split cleanly in half. Is this even possible?

The “Fronts”

Upper Deck_0001

The “Backs”

Some thoughts and observations:
The collection was mostly Score cards and all the Upper Deck cards in the box are split in half. Six of the cards are baseball and two are basketball.
The card halves are paper thin. The texture of the back is like high quality paper and the front has the typical glossy finish.
There doesn’t seem to be any presence of glue and again if it was ripped in half, it was ripped cleanly. I imagine the cards wouldn’t be this smooth (on the blank side) and have a little curl if it was ripped in half.
The cards have evidence of being stuck with each other and I know 90’s cards tend to do that. Could the bond between the glossy cards be stronger than the bond holding a card front and back together?
I don’t think the cards are counterfeit because they have the Upper Deck hologram.

So do you think it is possible for the cards to be cleanly ripped in half separating the front and the back? Has this happened before? Are they counterfeit or a printing error by Upper Deck?

I’m tempted to find some 90’s Upper Deck cards and split them in two and compare them. Unfortunately I have no idea where I put them and I may have dumped most of them.


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