Blog Bat Around: Beat the Mets, Step Right Up and Beat the Mets

Blog Bat Around: How have you reacted to one or more specific soul-crushing sports losses? (A little warning: I had to really restrain myself from cursing in this post. I still want to keep this blog G rated, you know.)

I am a Mets fan so I know a thing or two about soul-crushing losses. Talk about disappointment the last couple of years. Every year since 2000, the Mets have been miserable failures usually due to underachieving or bad luck. My response to such a loss is simple. It is basically disbelief followed by a lot of cursing. A typical sequence of events consists of a face palm, a couple of nods of the head and then f bomb would drop and the profanities would fly. From what I hear, I can get quite loud. Then when I calm down, I usually bargain with myself, something like there’s always next year or I rather have them not make the playoffs then disappoint later, etc. I usually vow to never watch a Met game again but I always seem to go back sooner or later and the cycle would start again. Somewhere in their history, they went from the loveable losers to the bumbling idiots.

Off the top of my head, the top three moments that pis angered me the most.

3- Carlos Beltran taking a curveball for strike three ending the Mets 2006 playoff run

Carlos Beltran

2- Tom Glavine getting shelled the last game of the season ending the 2007 season

Tom Glavine

1- Castillo dropping the freakin’ ball in the Subway Series this year

Dropping Ball

Finally, I have to leave you with Hitler’s reaction to the Mets choking again. It is a kind of dumb Internet meme (but aren’t they all) for those not up to speed with the interwebs. Enjoy.


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  1. I’ve got a similar list; I still have to try to find time to do my blog bat around post, though.

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