Bob Gibson & Reggie Jackson Book Signing

Today Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson were signing their books near where I worked. It is not everyday you can autographs of two Hall of Famers so I took an early break and I patiently waited for a little over an hour (which honestly ain’t that bad). If you missed this event and if you are in the NYC area, they are also signing tomorrow at Borders (100 Wall St.) at 12.

Reggie Jackson Bob Gibson Signing

Jackson Gibson Signed Book_0001

Jackson Gibson Signed Book



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3 responses to “Bob Gibson & Reggie Jackson Book Signing

  1. I haven’t heard too many nice stories about Gibson or Jackson & autograph seekers. How were they at the book signing?

  2. Honestly the staff at Barnes and Noble were trying to keep a fast pace so both Reggie Jackson and Bob Gibson hardly looked at the fans and were signing the books like an assembly line. Since the line wrapped around tall bookshelves so that you can’t see them until your next in line, you literally had seconds to take a picture before you’re shown the exit.

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