CotG: 2008 Artifacts

Could the Mets actually sweep the last series?

For today’s CotG (Card of the Game), I have two packs of 2008 Artifacts. I honestly can’t remember where I got these but it has been in my box of unopened packs for awhile. I must have gotten these packs cheap because I am not a big fan of Artifacts.

Pack 1:
Miguel Cabrera
Carlos Beltran
Daric Barton
US Enters World War I
Greg Maddux

Pack 2:
Josh Beckett
Jake Peavy
A Piece of Hollywood “Bruce Almighty” Jim Carrey- !!!
Torii Hunter

Artifacts_Jim Carrey

Piece of Hollywood hits are probably the best thing you can pull from Piece of History or Artifacts. But honestly I am not a big fan of Jim Carrey. He’s simply not funny. It is also unfortunate that I don’t have a toploader big enough for it.

The CotG is the only Met from the packs, Carlos Beltran. After missing most of the season, he is finally back. But it is just a shade too late.



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