Random Pack Break: Garbage Pail Kids

I had the itch to open something and didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I got 2 packs of Garbage Pail Kids: Gross Stickers from the card machine. It is certainly something a little different.

Pack 1:

Garbage Pail Kids Vic Pic Duped David Phat Phil Freewheelin Frank Cootie Cody Sy Clops

Pack 2:

 Garbage Pail Kids Kyle Tile Disgustin Dustin Ill Will Dizzy Lizzy Metallic Alec Slimy Hymie

It sucks that Topps used the same art for two different cards (Phat Phil and Ill Will) and I wonder if Cootie Cody is a weird homage to this card from the Dinosaurs Attack set (which I just completed).

Dinosaurs Attack 39

In the pack was an ad for Creepy Freaks which was a game from Wizkids and kind of like strip down version of Heroclix (which was awesome by the way). I know the game was for younger children but I remember Creepy Freaks as boring and repetitive with a limited selection of figures. Simply put it was just a bad combination of the card game War and chess which may sounds kind of cool until you actually play it. My younger cousin didn’t want to play after 5 minutes so it’s not just me.

Creepy Freaks Ad

While I’m at it, here is a pack of Wacky Packages Series 3.

Wacky Packages series 3 Gripe Nuts Reekola Darn Cadbully Crime Egg Smellmo



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3 responses to “Random Pack Break: Garbage Pail Kids

  1. Tim Cook

    Hey have you heard about this garbage pail kids card Swarmed Norm.Its a bonus card from the GPK all new series 4.Apparently topps only made a limited amount so after what was sent out by topps thats it.Topps only has a very limited amount in their warehouse of this bonus box with the Swarmed Norm card.Sellers are starting to jack the prices up to 75.00 plus for the single and the boxes are sold out!!!Figures i already opened mine but i do hve the card.Wish i would have left it factory sealed

  2. Can’t say I have heard of the card. I really don’t know much about GPK cards but I know card companies do gimmicks and limited promos/bonus cards like that a lot in the past. It really sucks for set collectors who want to collect everything.

  3. Arturo Valdez

    I looked through my cards, I don’t have one, A of my cards are singles.

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