Random Pack Break: Goodwin Champions from Target

The Target near me still didn’t have UFC cards so I bought two packs of Goodwin Champions and a bunch of basketball cards for the upcoming basketball season.

Pack 1:
Kevin Garnett
Kent Hrbek
Jimmy Rollins Mini
Kevin Youkillis

Pack 2:
Brook Robinson
Bo Jackson Mini
Gaylord Perry Jersey!!!!

Goodwin Champions Cards

The first pack is a bore but wow the second pack is gold. For only four bucks I’m quite lucky. Normally I wouldn’t be so excited by a jersey card but it is not everyday you get a hit of baseball legend like Gaylord Perry. It is definitely a keeper and it sure beats the Boof Bonser Jersey I pulled yesterday. I wonder what does the M in the card stands for. Memorabilia? That would be lame.

Goodwin Champions Gaylord Perry Jersey



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4 responses to “Random Pack Break: Goodwin Champions from Target

  1. Brooks, Bo, Perry jersey. That is one great retail pack!

  2. Brian

    It’s packs like that 2nd one that keep us all coming back for more!

  3. 100% agree. I’m borderline addicted just for packs like that which I get from time to time.

  4. The floating Gold Glove placement on the Robinson card is weird. But great packs!

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