Stand Out Autos: Gil Hodges

Forty years ago, the 1969 Miracle Mets won the World Series so I thought it is as good of a time as any to crack open the vaults and show you this.

Gil Hodges Auto

It is a Gil Hodges autograph that my mom, when she was child, got in person. As the story goes, she lived in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn as Gil Hodges and the neighborhood kids would go to his house every now and then where he would be at the front door happily signing autographs. So much as changed since then. This is one piece of memorabilia I would never sell or trade.

While I’m at it, here are some ticket stubs from the 1969 Playoffs and World Series. In total I have 4 ticket stubs.

1969 Mets Tickets stubs



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7 responses to “Stand Out Autos: Gil Hodges

  1. Those are some nice pieces. One of my friends grew up in Brooklyn and tells similar stories about Hodges.

  2. That’s fantastic. All three of those pieces are amazing. I thought the Mets did a nice job with the 40-year anniversary celebration. Highlight of the season for me.

  3. The 1969 Mets celebration was definitely a highlight and it was nice to see Nolan Ryan back in NY after all these years.

  4. It took way to long to bring Nolan back. I went to the MAB autograph show the next day and his line was packed. I think they sold 250 tickets for him.

    Great blog here. Glad I found it.

  5. Lu

    That is a wonderful story about Gil Hodges. I have heard numerous stories about what a nice guy he was – great reputation, integrity, honesty, not a grandstander and was so very friendly to baseball fans. It is sad that he is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. You are so lucky to have that autograph 🙂

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