Pack Break: Random WWE cards

I can’t resist bargain bins and I found two packs of Topps WWE Heritage III Chrome among Camp Rock, Hanna Montana, the one with the horses packs in Target. But for $1, you can’t go wrong. I might as well open the 4 hobby packs of 2009 Topps WWE (Cards written by Jim Ross!) I just got too.

Chrome Pack 1:
Elijah Burke
Dean Malenko
“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
Curt Hawkins

Chrome Pack 2:
Ron Simmons
Chris Jericho Refractor
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Lance Cade

WWE Chrome

The Stone Cold card and Chris Jericho are definitely the best of the bunch. For $2 in total, it sure beats paying $20 for a blaster and getting nothing.

2009 Topps pack 1:
Rey Mysterio
The Brian Kendrick
Jerry “The King” Lawler
Iron Sheik Legends of the Ring
Edge Toppstown

Iron Sheik Legends of the Ring

Pack 2:
Dolph Ziggler
Ranjin Singh
Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Bam Bam Bigelow Legends of the Ring
Shawn Michaels Toppstown

Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels

Pack 3:
Randy Orton
Jimmy Wang Yang
Triple H
Tyson Kidd- Some kind of parallel. Black, silver, silver sparkle or platinum? 26/40
Jake “The Snake” Roberts Legends of the Ring
Michelle McCool Toppstown

Tyson Kidd Parallel

Pack 4:
Brie Bella
Tommy Dreamer
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels Ring of Honor
Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Legends of the Ring
Triple H Toppstown

Topps DX

I don’t watch WWE too often anymore but I kind of like the D-Generation X reunion even if it is the PG version and I got 3 different Shawn Michaels and 2 different Triple H cards. Tyson Kidd was picking up steam in ECW as half of the Hart Foundation. Then he moved to Smackdown (I think) and just kind of disappeared. It really sucks to be a tag team in the WWE right now.



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2 responses to “Pack Break: Random WWE cards

  1. Hi,

    I am fan of wwe superstars and i am crazy about them..
    I watch wwe regularly on my tv and if i miss them i am catch them from internet and i stream some video from the wwe video sites…

    This article really impressive for me..

  2. Matthew Ford

    Hi, I was searching through the internet trying to find the last couple of cards for the wwe topps 2009 black parallel set. I came across your article about pulling a Tyson Kidd black border card. I was wondering would you happen to sell the card to me. Please contact me whenever you can.

    Thank You,


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