Mail Day: TNA Autos and Parallels from Boxbusters

I won these cards in a Twitter contest from (@boxbusters).

I am a huge Motor City Machine Guns fan so my favorite of the bunch is an Alex Shelley parallel, 4/20. If you count a parallel serialed to 20 a hit, this is my first hit of the MCMG.

TNA Alex Shelley Parallel

In general, there is two type of wrestling fans, one who like the soap opera storylines/ constant bickering and ones who like the actual wrestling. The X-division of TNA wrestling is a lot better than anything from the WWE but with weaker storylines/ rivalries. If you don’t know who the MCMG are, here is a sample of what you’re missing.

I also got three TNA autographs. Mick Foley was my favorite wrestler in the 90’s so I kind of like the Abyss. Both can really take some abuse in hardcore matches. Kip James and Sojournor Bolt are jobbers and barely on TV anymore. The Abyss is serialed 7/10, Kip James is 14/25 and Sojo is 34/60.

TNA Abyss Kip James Sojo Auto


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