A Pack of My Favorite Baseball & Basketball Product

This season has been a Mets’ fan worst nightmare and it hurts that much more now because the Phillies and the Yankees are going to the World Series. But in honor of the upcoming World Series and NBA season opener, I have two packs of my favorite products of the sports respectively, Topps Chrome Baseball and Topps Signature Basketball.

Chrome Baseball:
Brad Nelson
Ryan Howard Refractor
Adam Dunn
Mariano Rivera

Topps Chrome

(My scanner always scans Chrome weird. It makes the cards look like X-fractors.)

With the way things have been going (getting Mets in only 1/3 of the packs I open for my Card of the Game posts), it figures that I got a Phillies and Yankees superstar in the pack.

Topps Signature:
Mark Eaton 2029/2325
Danilo Gallinari Red Facsimile Parallel 867/869
Al Thornton Auto 451/1799
Michael Ray Richardson 361/2325

Topps Signatures

Wow, there are two Knicks in this pack. Maybe I should have save this pack for my Knicks Card of the Game posts. Anyways, I have been getting a lot of Gallinari rookie cards which I hope, down the road, is a good thing.

If the packs are like Tarot cards and can tell the future, I foresee the World Series coming down to a epic battle in the ninth with Ryan Howard facing Rivera and I foresee the Knicks settling with a .500 record since the Knicks made up 50% of the pack.



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3 responses to “A Pack of My Favorite Baseball & Basketball Product

  1. chemgod

    Could Al Thorton have a worse signature?

  2. Yea, too many young players initialed their names in this product. I can see why though since they often had to sign 5000-7000+ stickers but it still sucks.

  3. He put his number in the signature, so it’s not a total loss.

    /grasping at straws

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