Halloween Break: Monsterwax Urban Legends

Today I have something a little different. I have twelve packs (1/3 of a box) of Urban Legends trading cards from Monsterwax. I read about it in the Non- Sport Update magazine and wanted it ever since but couldn’t find until now. The smallest comic book store in NYC happens to be the only place that sells them. The timing couldn’t be any better with Halloween right around the corner.

Urban Legends packs

These cards could get a little gruesome and I love it. (However, I picked the cards that can pass as PG to scan.) Urban Legends always appeal to me and the cards, if I remembered right, are inspired by EC horror comics which I’m a big fan of. When I get some free time, I’ll read the stories on the back but right off the back I recognize some of the stories from the artwork. There is also a Shocking Stories set but I think I try to build the Urban Legends set first. Too bad they are not more readily available. It is a truly awesome product.

Urban Legends cards front

Urban Legends cards back

I got 76% of the set (38/50), twelve 3-D cards (one in each pack) and one background card. The 3-D cards have a blank back and don’t have a number so it could rather difficult to complete the set.

Urban Legends Background card

Background Card

Urban Legends 3D cards

3D Cards

I also got lucky and pulled a sketch card. It is of the Stranger on the Subway which is a lot better than pulling a sketch card of the batcycle. Sketches of inanimate objects just aren’t that exciting. He also kind of reminds me of the comic The Spirit (maybe not the Spirit himself but a goon he fought).

Urban Legends sketch

I doubt many have any Urban Legends cards for trade but this is a set I really want to complete. The cards I’m missing are: 1,5,8,10,16,22,25,26,32,43,47,49.

Have a happy Halloween.


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2 responses to “Halloween Break: Monsterwax Urban Legends

  1. Hi! I´m waiting for my Urban legends box to arrive by mail. Thanks for posting your review.
    Just one quick question. I’ll be travelling in Feb to Manhattan for a couple of days. Do you know any collectibles shop that sell vintage cards? Specially non sports.

  2. Honestly I can’t really think of a place. The cards shops in NYC are kind of small so they don’t have much especially if you’re looking for non- sport vintage singles.

    I usually go to card shows to buy vintage/ rare cards in person. Otherwise I have to buy online.

    If you want to buy a box and/or packs while you’re in Wall Street area you can go wrong with Chameleon Comics and Cards. There are off Broadway in Maiden Lane which is about 5 blocks north of Wall Street. The store is really really small but the employees are very friendly.

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