Random Pack Break: Two Packs of Basketball Authentic Jersey & Card Set

I got these two packs of a basketball jersey and card set a little awhile ago as a birthday gift. I have no idea why they are still unopened in my room. I guess this is as good a time as any to see what is inside.

basketball jersey card set

Hmmmm so I got the exact same set in both packs. Two Karl Malones. The mailman is a great player and I like the card but I’m a little disappointed that I got a duplicate. Still I much rather get two Malones than a Malone and a fringe player like Antoine Walker. In fact, Karl Malone probably one of the better pulls you can get from this product. I have opened and have seen other people opened a bunch and most of time you don’t get anyone too exciting.

Karl Malone sets



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11 responses to “Random Pack Break: Two Packs of Basketball Authentic Jersey & Card Set

  1. lonestarr

    Antoine Walker isn’t a fringe player. He’s one of the better players to come out of one of the single greatest draft classes ever. He kinda sputtered out the last couple years, but was good and often great the first decade of his career, especially in his runs with Boston.

  2. Walker may have had a few good maybe even great years but he is a fringe hit to almost any collector.

  3. lonestarr

    At this point I guess. :/

  4. L

    I bought a pack from Toys R Us today 11-7-09 and pulled a Michael Jordan… any idea on the worth of these sets?

  5. These sets don’t sell too well on ebay. But it is a Jordan and I roughly estimate the market value around $20-$25.

    Here is a similar lot on eBay right now.

  6. Steve

    I pulled a Jordan from one of these as well. I am unsure as to what the “authentic jersey” patch is. Is it a game worn Jordan patch, or is it just cut from an authentic Jordan jersey (not worn by the player himself). I’ve tried to look for info on these online, but couldn’t find anything.

  7. I think Vintage Sport cards deliberately don’t mention game used anywhere on the set. The other thing is puzzling is does Upper deck even sell authentic jerseys like the ones you find in Modells?

  8. James

    I pulled s stackhouse on the pistons set three collored pach with a little yellow stiching. Whats it worth?

  9. I guesstimate around $5- $10. As I said, the card frames don’t sell well on ebay and the like and Jerry Stackhouse is not the most collected player in the world. But people are always looking for nice patches for their collection.

    I actually wouldn’t mind trading for the Jerry Stackhouse. If it is up for trade, shoot me an email at park_dweller at yahoo dot com

  10. Emoney

    I’ve bought a few of these, they are kinda fun..also, to answer your question, YES, Uppeer Deck DOES sell FULL UNCUT GAME USED JERSEYS! They sell them all the time, I’ve even bought a couple of them..these are game worn jerseys that’s why they specify that they were obtained from Upper Deck, Upper Deck DOES NOT sell NON-Game used jerseys unless they are signed, and these guys wouldn’t cut up a signed jersey..hope that helps!!

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