Random Box Break: Goodwin Champions Blaster Plus Some

To celebrate the end of the baseball season, I have a blaster and three loose retails packs of Goodwin Champions. It is quickly becoming my favorite product, maybe even better than Allen and Ginter when it comes to the base cards but A&G stills has better hits.

The loose packs first. Pack 1:
Gerry Lopez- Some surfer dude
Cal Ripken Jr
Adam Wainwright Mini
Ken Griffey Jr.

Goodwin Champions Pack_0001

The Mets Pack:
Carlos Beltran
Justin Morneau
Bobby Orr Mini
Carlos Delgado

Goodwin Champions Pack_0002

Pack 3:
Anderson Silva- !!!
Joe Nathan
Ryan Braun
The Pope- 20th Anniversary

Goodwin Champions Pack_0003

The best of the bunch is easily Anderson Silva who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. He is so dominant that the UFC has problems finding good challengers for the title and those who do face him end up running away from the octagon. Run, Forrest run! It was truly a weird moment for MMA fans everywhere.

The blaster. Pack 1:
Carlos Zambrano
Cliff Lee
Joe Lewis
Robin Roberts

Pack 2:
Brian Roberts
Dennis Eckersley
Carlos Beltran Mini
CC Sabathia

Pack 3:
Ian Kinsler
Joe Carter
Josh Beckett Mini
Carlos Delgado

Pack 4:
Bo Jackson
Barack Obama
Jair Jurrjens Mini
Stephen Drew

Pack 5:
Joe Mauer
James Shields
Laird Hamilton
Matt Ryan

Pack 6:
David Wright
Chase Utley
Dalai Lama 20th Anniversary
Phil Niekro

Pack 7:
Joe Nathan
Felix Hernandez
Abraham Lincoln
Eli Manning

Pack 8:
Carlos Quentin
Anderson Silva
Roy Oswalt Mini
Gary Sheffield

Pack 9:
Troy Tulowitzki
Chipper Jones
Jeff Samardzija Mini
Jonathan Toews

Pack 10:
Hanley Ramirez
Evan Longoria
Adrian Beltre
Mark Teixeira

Pack 11:
Andy Pettitte
Jose Reyes
Vladimir Guerrero Mini
Derrek Lee

Pack 12:
Gordie Howe
Jon Lester
Mariano Rivera Mini Gypsy Queen
Wayne Gretzky

Goodwin Champions Non baseball

Goodwin Champions Mini

Goodwin Champions Mets

I got a bunch of Mets, a bunch of doubles and I suspect a bunch of trade bait. Of the doubles, I’m glad I got a pair of Anderson Silvas so I can send one for an autograph TTM. My Goodwin cards are scattered everywhere so I have look for them and organize them to see if I’m close to completing the set or if it is even worth completing. It is likely though that I’ll keep the Mets, the MMA fighters and the players I like and offer the others for trade.

All in all, I like the look/ feel of the product and the choice the non- baseball cards in the base set. To me the non- baseball checklist is actually stronger than Allen and Ginter’s. I like Goodwin Champions a lot better than similar retro/ arts sets like Turkey Red or Goudey but I’m not quite sure if it is better overall than Allen and Ginter just yet. I admit Allen and Ginter is getting a bit old and boring for me and unless Allen and Ginter changes significantly next year, for me it would lose most of its appeal. Maybe I guess opened too much Allen and Ginter the last few years.


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