Random Pack Break: The Torture Team

As a write this, the Cavs are completely dominating the Knicks. This is going to be a long season for the Knicks.

Anyways, my pack of the Torture Team has finally arrived. I read about these cards in a blog (I can’t remember which one right now) and I knew I had to request a free pack. The cards are from the Center for Constitutional Rights and agree with them or not you have to admit it is a pretty clever way to get their message across.

Torture Team Pack Front

Torture Team Pack Back

The pack:
John “Mighty Eagle” Ashcroft
Geoffrey “The Gitmo-zer” Miller
David “The Shadow” Addington
Donald “Cranky Pants” Rumsfeld
Dick “Strangelove” Cheney
John “F” Yoo
Douglas “How Low Can You Go” Feith
George “Slam, Dunk” Tenet
Michael “Code Orange” Chertoff
Special Prosecutor 2009

Torture Team cards

Torture Team cards back


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