Random Pack Break: Ticket to Stardom & SP Authentic

When it comes to collecting, I like to try everything at least once and give it a shot hence a pack of Topps Ticket to Stardom and two packs 2009 SP Authentic (1 retail and 1 hobby). But honestly, I haven’t heard too many good things about them.

Ticket to Stardom pack:
Josh Fields
Ryan Braun
Ryan Howard
Joe Nathan
Josh Hamilton
Matt Holliday
Roy Oswalt Perforated parallel
Albert Pujols Seasoned Veterans
Derek Jeter
Carlos Zambrano
Chris Young
Manny Ramirez
Jose Reyes
Xavier Nady

Ticket to Stardom

I got a lot of the big names in the majors but the pack cost me $4.99 plus tax and the cards don’t really stand out to me in any way. Some suggested that the product would have been better if all the base cards have the ticket stub edges and I have to agree. All in all from this pack and the packs I seen other people open, I don’t hate the product but I don’t love it either. I’m just kind of indifferent about it.

Retail SP pack:
Roy Oswalt
Kevin Youkilis
Joey Votto
Ryan Dempster
Josh Beckett

SP Oswalt Youkilis Votto Dempster Beckett

Hobby SP pack:
Tim Lincecum
Gerardo Parra Auto
Tiger Wood 20th Anniversay
CC Sabathia
Carlos Zambrano

SP Lincecum Sabathia Zambrano Woods Parra

I am usually a fan of simple card designs but the first things that come to mind about these packs of SP Authentic are boring and uninspired. Again the cards don’t really stand out in any way. Although the SP simple and clean look might be good for a base set or low tier product. But at the five cards for $3 retail price point and five cards for $5 hobby price point, you can do a lot better with products like Allen and Ginter, Goodwin Champions and Topps Chrome. Still I got lucky and pulled an autograph a pretty good prospect. Gerardo Parra nearly made it to my all auto all star MLB team last season and he has a good chance to make to cut next year. I hate the design of the card especially the silver bar behind the sticker. It just looks out of place and doesn’t blend the sticker well with the rest of the card.

I know it is a small sample size and I’m willing to keep an open mind but it is thumbs down for both products right now.


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