Box Break: Topps UFC Round 2 – My Best Pull Ever?

I really wanted a box of Topps UFC for a long time now and I just finally got my hands on one. I know this product for the price is hit or miss (what product nowadays isn’t) but I’m feeling kind of lucky today.

Topps UFC box

Hmm so my box was missing a guarantee memorabilia card but that is OK because I got Kimbo freakin’ Slice auto and it is on card.

Topps UFC_Kimbo Slice Auto

Kimbo Slice is like the best hit you can pull in this product and it alone more than paid for the box. I just wonder what does the 303 inscription mean. Anyways, honestly Kimbo isn’t my favorite Ultimate Fighter contestant; Marcus “Big Baby” Jones is and guess what? I pulled a Marcus freakin’ Jones auto too.

Topps UFC_Marcus Jones Auto

In addition to that I pulled two more autos, Bruce Buffer, who my brother likes for some reason, and Martin Kampmann, whose name sound familiar.

Topps UFC_Bruce Buffer Auto

Topps UFC_Martin Kampmann Auto

The relic card I did pull is of Clay Guida, 89/99. They call Clay Guida the caveman for obvious reasons.

Topps UFC_Clay Guida Relic

Counting parallels as base cards, the base set is about 60% (91/150) complete with 17 doubles. This is the a set I want to complete and I am missing: 5,6,7,8,10,12,15,19,22,23,26,28,30,35,36,38,40,47,48,49,51,53,54,55,60,63,68,
125,126,129,132,134,135,137,142,143,145,148. I also like to get doubles of 9,13,29,31,107, and 133 for my PC. That’s quite a lot.

Topps UFC_base cards

Topps UFC The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale

Do they really need two cards of the Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale?

I also got 16 (one in each pack) inserts. The bloodlines inserts are probably the best of the bunch.

Topps UFC_Inserts

So I beat the odds and got four autos and a relic. It definitely surpassed my expectations and this may be the best box of anything I opened so far. I still can’t believe I got both Kimbo Slice and Marcus Jones autos. I hope Kimbo Slice can actually win a fight to back up all the hype about him.

Finally I guess this is a shameless plug but I now blog for Inasectv (a sport social network and aggregator) where I will cover the top MMA, basketball and football stories. Follow me at my blog and my twitter accounts @inasectvMMA for MMA and @inasectvRay for basketball and football. If you’re wondering, I am still plan to update this blog Shot Not Taken regularly and you shouldn’t notice a difference. I have to leave you with a little sample of my work. Enjoy.

Action Movie Stars I Wish Fought in MMA to Get Their Asses Kicked

Who can beat Fedor Emelianenko?



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4 responses to “Box Break: Topps UFC Round 2 – My Best Pull Ever?

  1. wickedortega

    The number on the card is 305 and its the area code for Miami-Dade…where he’s from!!! MIA 305 the Dirty-Dirt…. you know…

  2. Thanks. I learn something new everyday.

  3. Shane E

    Nice pulls. are you gonna sell the kimbo?

  4. I was thinking about it since Kimbo’s popularity might fade after the Ultimate Fighter. Or likely is it is up for trade to get something I want for my PC.

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