CotG: 2009 Panini Prestige

Wow, I was watching MMA all night and I didn’t realize the Knicks finally won a game.

This is the first pack of anything Panini that I opened but I expect I’ll be buying a lot more Panini products in the future. According to the site, this product should have been released early October but I can’t find it in most of the places where I buy my cards (Target and the two hobby stores near me). The K-mart near where I work just got the rack packs (Panini spells it Rak Pak) for sale. I really don’t know too much about 2009 Panini Prestige but I’m willing to give it a shot.

The top:
Udonis Haslem
Derrick Rose
David Lee
Danny Green
Hasheem Thabeet
Brandon Jennings
Nate Thurmond
Sidney Moncrief

The bottom:
Elton Brand
Marquis Daniels
Richard Jefferson
Dwyane Wade
Emeka Okafor
Ben Gordon Hardcourt Heroes
Clyde Drexler
Dennis Rodman

This product definitely feels like something Donruss would do and it doesn’t really excite me. I don’t know if Prestige is a low tier (base) or mid tier product but I much rather spend $5 and get 36 cards rather than just 16. Still I got a nice collection of stars, legends and rookies. Of all the rookies this year I have been getting Hasheem Thabeet the most. I hope this is a good thing. But I also believe I also got my first Brandon Jennings rookie card. Jennings has looked great so far and it is looking like the Knicks made a mistake passing him for Jordan Hill but it is far too early to say that for sure.

Anyways, the Card of the Game (CotG) is easily David Lee. Lee seems to be always looking to improve and he would be a good complement to any star player the Knicks sign in 2010. But it is unclear whether he has a future with the Knicks after this year and this is unfortunate.



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4 responses to “CotG: 2009 Panini Prestige

  1. I don’t really follow basketball much at all anymore, but I really dig these cards.

  2. Prestige is a little higher than Panini’s flagship set that’s basically the equivalent of a base Upper Deck or topps. It has 42 cards per creatively spelled Rak Pak.

    And speaking of Jordan Hill and David Lee and Panini’s flagship set, I bought a regular sized pack retail pack (12 cards for $1.99) and got a Jordan Hill RC and a David Lee Future Stars insert back-to-back. I can send them along with some other Knicks cards and couple of Yao Mings I found while I was going through stuff over the weekend if you want them.

  3. Lonestarr,

    I am definitely interested in the cards. For some reason Jordan Hill is the one rookie card I can’t pull this year.

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