Random Pack Break: Doctor Who Alien Armies

Note: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, if the Knicks win today against the Kings (it is something to be thankful for) I will have a Thanksgiving giveaway/ contest tomorrow.

I am not sure if I mention it before but I am a huge Doctor Who fan and I have been dying to get some Doctor Who cards which are hard to find in the states. Previously the only cards I could find are from Top Trumps which is a card game similar to War. There are a little weird because they are taller than regular cards, making hard to keep in anything other than the box in came it which takes up a lot of space for what it is. Anyways, I got four packs of Doctor Who Alien Armies made by Panini free from the Doctor Who magazine. Other than that I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere in NYC.

Pack 1:
General Staal
Mother Bloodtide
Mother Doomfinger
Thomas Kincade Brannigan
Valerie Brannigan

Pack 2:
Heavenly Host Glitter Foil
Donna Noble
Empress of the Racnoss
Lance Bennett
The Doctor
Florence Finnegan

Pack 3:
Cybershade Glitter Foil
Judoon Trooper
Francine Jones
Clive Jones
William Shakespeare

Pack 4:
Tardis Key
Laser Screwdriver
The Doctor
Rose Tyler
Jackie Tyler

I also got a limited edition promo card of the Doctor from the magazine. It seems to be one of the better cards attack and defense wise.

The game mechanic seems to be similar to Top Trumps which is a little too simple for me. But the card design is a lot better but the card stock is noticeably thin (but I’m comparing that with sports cards not trading card games). The chase in this product is different levels of foil and glitter variations which is boring but understandable for the price point (50p in the UK so that is what about $1?). Overall I love the cards and would be keeping an eye out for them.



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: Doctor Who Alien Armies

  1. WildWill

    I bought the same magazine today, and have spent all day looking for packs and starters available in the US. From what I can tell it’s going to have to be a special order thing, because Panini America and Panini UK don’t really seem to talk to each other. I may try calling their customer service in Texas tomorrow.

    That said, there’s always the off chance that either Diamond Comics will import them, or that some newsstands may get them along with their DR. Who Magazines.

    Otherwise I may be making more buddies in the UK because there appears to be a HUGE market for them there and a lot of collectors.

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