Black Friday Pack Break: 2009 Sweet Spot

This is one of my several Black Friday purchases today. It is a hobby pack of 2009 Sweet Sport Baseball which I got in my local hobby shop, Chameleon Comics and Cards, right after all the early morning shopping.

The pack:
Lance Berkman
Alex Rodriguez
Josh Hamilton
Clay Buchholz Jersey
Tiger Woods 20th Anniversary
Gerovany Soto
Ryan Howard
Adam Dunn

It is not the worst hit in the world but I admit I was kind of disappointed. Plus the jersey window seems small especially for an expensive product like Sweet Spot. Luckily I trade with a lot of Red Sox fans so maybe I can get something for it. I kind of like the design of the base cards but it looks like a regular Upper Deck base set design with the baseball thing of the bottom. But I know no one really buys Sweet Spot for the base cards, right?

O, I also got this David Lee jersey card (046/299) for free with my purchase. The guys at Chameleon are so awesome. It is from the new Donruss Elite product and I echo that the jersey placement is very poor. Donruss/ Panini needs to take out the Elite series words in the bottom and lower the jersey window.


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