Stand Out Autos: Mike Mussina

I just traded for this autographed Mike Mussina card which would be a Christmas present for a very good friend who I owe a lot to. He is not a collector but he is a huge Yankees fan and his favorite player is Mike Mussina so I think he will love the card.

I hate the Yankees but I always respected Mike Mussina. He comes across as a professional and I can’t think of one bad thing to say about him. I assume the person who I traded with got this TTM. This is a person I trust so I am pretty sure it is legit. The reason why this is stand out auto is Mussina is one of the few autographs that you can read nowaways and it is always a plus that he seems to be willing to sign TTM.


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One response to “Stand Out Autos: Mike Mussina

  1. Ken

    Great gift!

    I have a few PSA Cert autos of Mussina (Orioles fan) and I held them side by side with yours and it looks exactly the same. I’m no expert but it looks good.

    When will you mail me that gift? I kid, I kid.

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