Random Pack Break: 2008 Goudey

While I was doing some Christmas shopping in K-mart I saw packs of 2008 Goudey were half off so I grabbed a handful and put it in the basket. Goudey is underrated because it is often compared to Allen and Ginter and other retro sets. I am a big fan of art cards (when done right) and Goudey is definitely a fun set to build. I (and expect many others) didn’t get much Goudey when it first came out because there was so much other better products available so that is a big reason why I see Goudey packs a lot in bargain bins. It is unfortunate but Upper Deck has no one else to blame but themselves. One knock against Goudey is that since 2007 the base cards are pretty much the same but if I have to choose I think 2008 is the best because of the weird Derek Jeter/ Ken Griffey Jr. says thing on the bottom.

Pack 1:
C.C. Sabathia- He looks hungry.
Chris Young
Marlon Byrd
Corey Hart mini
Alex Rodriguez
Eddie Murray
Evan Longoria
Adam LaRoche

Pack 2:
Luke Hochevar
Glen Perkins
Evan Longoria Mini
David Eckstein
Kelvim Escobar
Carlos Zambrano
Jose Vidro

Pack 3:
Troy Glaus
Alex Gordon
Curtis Granderson
Bobby Orr Hit Parade of Champions
Dan Uggla
Josh Beckett
Jake Peavy
Whitey Ford Yankee Stadium Legacy- Hate these cards

Pack 4:
Phil Rizzuto
Clayton Kershaw
Manny Ramirez
Joe Mauer mini
Justin Morneau
Brad Hawpe
Phil Niekro
Dan O’ Brien Sport Royalty

Not bad at all. I traded most of my Evan Longaria rookie cards so it is nice to replenish my collection. I also got an Ichiro card I needed for my PC. The strangest card that caught my attention right away was the Berk Ross Hit Parade of Champions insert of Bobby Orr (had to research that). The picture look like it was framed for a caption contest (which I actually might do in the near future).



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4 responses to “Random Pack Break: 2008 Goudey

  1. chemgod

    That Orr picture is probably one of the most famous shots of him as he scored a game winning goal. Orr is considered by many to be a top 3 player of all time.

  2. Learning something new everyday. The only hockey I watch is the highlights from sportscenter.

  3. lonestarr

    Cool Hit Parade of Champions. I like ’em and am thinking about trying to go back and collecting the set (only have LeBron & Kobe), even though not everyone is a champion yet (LeBron, unless you count high school state title or something, and Ladainian Tomlinson immediately come to mind).

  4. duma

    nice error card on the Longoria

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