The Shot Not Taken Christmas and 10,000 Views Contest

It is the holiday season and I’m approaching 10,000 page views so it is as good of time as any to have a contest. I want to keep it simple so just leave a comment below to enter and you can enter once a day. I will pick the winner via some time after Christmas. Here is what you can win, a lot of jersey & card frames:

Good luck, happy holidays and thanks for reading.



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40 responses to “The Shot Not Taken Christmas and 10,000 Views Contest

  1. I’d like to comment on Karl Malone. I’ve forgotten how awesome the old Jazz jerseys were. That is all.

  2. Happy Holidays to everyone!

  3. Play at the Plate

    I remember Jamal coming to Dallas. We thought he would bring a title to Big D. Boy were we wrong.

  4. lonestarr

    Woohoo a contest! Thanks. I love contests with unique prizes!

  5. Baseball card stuff

    I love contests!!! But, where are the baseball ones?

  6. Honestly because of a bunch of trades recently I am kind of depleted on decent baseball hits to giveaway. Sorry about that.

  7. That Fleer Karl Malone card is a blast from the past!

  8. Dan

    I loved that 93-94 Fleer set as a kid. I think the graffiti style letters really resonated with my feeling of being home.

  9. We can comment once a day, right?

  10. Yes you can enter once a day until the contest ends.

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  12. Play at the Plate

    Thanks for the reminder!

  13. When does the contest end again?

  14. I currently have 9,270 page views so lets say the contest ends whenever I have 10,000 views or the day after Christmas whichever one is later.

  15. lonestarr

    The cards were sent today, if you didn’t get the tweet or see my blog yet today already.

  16. @lonestarr Awesome! Thanks.

  17. Baseball card stuff

    I will comment once a day!
    Contests are awesome!

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  19. Baseball card stuff

    Back again!

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  21. Baseball card stuff

    I will win contest! I will….

  22. Baseball card stuff

    I will win. Am I the only one commenting now?

  23. Looks like but that is ok I want to reward my regular readers.

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  25. Baseball card stuff

    Well I’m still commenting, it’s getting a little lonely.

  26. KobePuppet

    Love contests. Put me in.

  27. Dion Soskin

    Why is it on cards with a piece of jersey that the card companies do not put a picture of a like jersey to the piece that is on the card? usually it’s a color piece and the picture is a white jersey or white piece and the picture is a dark uni??????? things that make you go hmmm……….

  28. The company these frames are from get their cards and jersey pieces from different sources so I can see why they often don’t match. Some frames even have a jersey piece of the players in a different team than the card depicts.

    But I know where you are coming from Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, etc are just lazy. I could imagine the excuse the card designers might not know which jersey they going to cut up. At least Upper Decks now shows a picture of the player in the team the jersey is from even if it is years old. On a similar note, I would like to know which game specificly the jersey is from. It would make it that much more special.

  29. Baseball card stuff

    I hope I win, but I’m glad other people are entering the contest now.

  30. Carson

    I like your blog, thanks for this contest!

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  32. lonestarr

    Glad you liked the cards I sent. Had to write that here, couldn’t think of anything else to say, lol. Sorry I haven’t commented more.

  33. Baseball card stuff

    2 more days ’till Christmas.

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  35. I’ll comment, I guess. First, thanks for blogging. I’ve enjoyed it this year. And then thanks for the contest.

    Has Karl Malone hit the glass ceiling?

  36. Baseball card stuff

    Hi. I’m still here….

  37. Baseball card stuff

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  39. lonestarr

    So this is the last chance on the contest.. alright then. Here’s hopin’ for my first ever non-victory by default blog contest win.

    How did the holiday treat you?

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