CotG: 2007 Fleer Ultra Basketball

You got about a week more to enter the Shot Not Taken contest. Don’t forget you can enter once a day.

Like the Mets, the Knicks are going to give me a heart attack. They gave the Bobcats every chance to win with terrible passes, sloppy play and missed free throws towards the end. I really thought they would choke and they would have if Gallinari didn’t block that shot.

I have been snowed in the last two days and I didn’t really feel like going out so I didn’t go on my normal card run. So I have this 2007-08 Fleer Ultra Basketball pack which probably came from a repack for moments like this. I am not expecting too much but you never know.

The pack:
Hedo Turkoglu
Andrew Bogut- Gold Medallion
Zach Randolph
Ron Artest
Damon Stoudamire Court Masters

None of these cards really stand out. Zach Randolph was a Knicks last year but he was detrimental to the Knicks plans so he definitely not the CotG (Card of the Game). I don’t know if I mention this on my blog before but the Rockets are my second favorite team after the Knicks. It is strange because the Rockets are the most popular team in China. So much so that it was theorized that the Chinese population helped T-Mac get the second most votes as a guard from West despite not playing much this year. Anyways, Ron Artest was a big part of the Rockets playoff run last year without Yao Ming and T-mac so he is the CotG. To think the Knicks could have drafted Artest so long ago. Too bad he sign with the Lakers which is the team I hate the most.


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