CotG: The Weirdest Pack I Ever Opened 2005-06 Topps Pristine Basketball

Wow the Knicks and the 76ers went back and forth the whole game and it went down to the last procession. Up by 1 they actually got a stop to win it.

I have the weirdest pack of cards I ever opened. It is 2005-06 Topps Pristine and the gimmick is that it is a pack in a pack in a pack. Take a second to think about it. It is like a Matryoshka doll (had to look it up). Anyways it is guarantee an uncirculated card (whatever that means) and a relic card of a star player.

So in a first pack which was packaged like a blister pack so it really is a pack in a pack in a pack in a pack…

We have:

The good news is the uncirculated card is of a Knick. The bad news is that Knicks is team killer Stephen Marbury (7/325). In case the scan is not clear, it is encased with a Topps tamper proof sticker. My question is that since it came from a pack isn’t it circulated?

Within that pack is:

Nice. If I am not mistaken Chris Paul was drafted 2005 so this is a relic rookie card (175/350). I think that is Jay Z on the pack…

Finally within that pack is:

Chauncey Billiups
Caron Butler
Carlos Boozer
Chris Paul
Stephen Marbury
Shaun Livingston

It is was quite the point guard centric pack and all in all not bad. It is certainly something a little different. The card aren’t all that special and it reminds me of Topps Finest for some reason. The listed price on the pack is $29.99 and I got it for $24.99 in Toys R Us. Nothing (I mean NOTHING) is on sale in the Toy R Us in Times Square but it didn’t scan and I was nice to the manager that came. It is shows how being friendly and polite can help you in life.

The CotG (Card of the Game) could be Stephen Marbury because he is the only Knick in the pack or it could be Chris Paul the best point guard in the game right now. In the end I chose Stephen Marbury (base card since the case of the uncirculated card will never fit in a binder) because there is no denying his influence (however negative) on the Knicks. Plus it is a good reminder has bad the Isiah era was.



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11 responses to “CotG: The Weirdest Pack I Ever Opened 2005-06 Topps Pristine Basketball

  1. lonestarr

    Aha, so this is what you meant. I always wanted to get some of those back in the day. Nice hit on the Chris Paul.

  2. Okay. $25 and you only pull cards of guys with first names that start with a C or an S?

    “I’d like to buy a vowel, please.”

  3. @Mark Wow you’re right. What’s the odds of that?

  4. Nicee Jay on the package.. do you know of any of the Jay Z autos? If so any idea the cost? I’d love to get my hands on one .

  5. I took a quick look at Jay Z auto on ebay and it would cost you a bit, at least $220 for a certified auto.

  6. Wow… something I’m gonna have to save up for haha.

  7. beardy

    Just ordered a pack of the baseball persuasion yesterday. Based on your break, it should be an interesting experience.

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