Random Pack Break: Topps 206

I have been hearing good things about Topps 206 for awhile now but unfortunately almost no where in NYC sells them. The one place I do know sells them priced it at almost $6 per pack after tax. I finally took the plunge and bought four packs.

Pack 1:
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Huston Street
Tim Hudson
Ramiro Peno
Randy Johnson Mini
Fernando Perez Bronze
Erik Bedard
JJ Hardy
Kevin Youkilis

Pack 2:
Joe Nathan
Luke Hochevar
Daric Barton
Jordan Schafer
Garrett Akins
Tim Hudson Bronze
Shane Victorino
Kyle Blanks

Pack 3:
Kris Medlen
Brandon Webb
Adrian Gonzalez
Alexei Ramirez
Fernando Martinez- Is it a parallel if it just says Rookie on the back?
Ken Griffey Jr. Mini
Travis Snider Bronze
Honus Wagner
Jimmy Foxx

Pack 4:
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Huston Street
Orlando Hudson
Fernando Perez
Ryan Zimmerman
Chad Billingsley Mini
Michael Bowden Auto
Roger Hornsby
Zack Greinke
Mickey Mantle Checklist

The first thought on my mind was that the feel of the product is very close to Topps Allen and Ginter so much so that I wonder if we really need it to be in two separate products. Couldn’t they make Topps 206 a insert and called it Topps Retro or something? As I have said before, I am this close to hating anything retro but I’m not there yet as I did want to see what Topps 206 was all about. As with most retro sets, the design is simple and clean which is always a good thing. One small detail that is different is the staining of the cards. They do make the cards feel more retro but I am mostly indifferent about them.

Anyways, I also realize I was short a card probably a mini (not to happy about that) and the first and fourth pack is eerily similar at least for the first few cards. There are a bunch of rookies with Fernando Martinez being the best) and the Honus Wagner card is kind of neat. But the only card(s) I really need/ want is the Daisuke Matsuzaka. Although I love kinda like retro sets and the Daisuke card would be great addition to by PC. I was relieved that I got a hit, an autograph of Michael Bowden. The name sounds familiar but I had to look him up. The design is pretty much the Allen and Ginter design just with a few words changed around. So all in all I don’t hate the product but without the autograph disappointed especially after knowing I overpaid for them.



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3 responses to “Random Pack Break: Topps 206

  1. mrhaverkamp

    The cards that don’t have a biographical writeup on the back and say “rookie” or the team name are SP variations….you got the cost of your pack back!

  2. TJ

    Yeah T206 is just a boring version of A&G. If you don’t want that Bowden, I’m interested.

  3. @mrhaverkamp just as I suspected. There is way too many parallels and variations to keep up with these days.

    @TJ The Bowden autograph is definitely for trade. Will send an email.

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