Random Pack Break: Topps Unique and Series 2

Today I got two Topps packs in two separate trips. One pack, 2009 Topps Unique, I may have overpaid for ($6.50) and one pack, 2009 Topps Baseball Series 2 retail, I definitely got a bargain ($0.49). I am especially curious about what the Topps Unique cards look like and feel like in person.

Topps Unique:
Corey Hart
Hanley Ramirez
Carlos Lee
Curtis Granderson as a Tiger
David Ortiz
Jake Shield Red Parallel 126/1199
Kris Medlen 1983/2699- Are all the rookies numbered because I don’t think this is a parallel?

Topps pack:
Delmon Young
Michael Young
Adam LaRoche
Travis Ishikawa
Yovani Gallardo Gold Parallel 959/2009
Ryan Zimmerman Turkey Red
David Ortiz Toppstown
Trevor Crowe
Ozzie Guillen
Randy Winn
BJ Upton
Noah Lowry

So I didn’t get anyone I really collect in either pack. I can’t draw to many conclusions from one pack but I don’t like Topps Unique already. It is really not that unique but you knew that. I like the simple black card design but all veteran card collectors know that black bordered cards means easily damaged cards. The design doesn’t look nearly as good in red. Topps Unique falls victim of trying to be both affordable (kinda) and high end. From all the preview and box breaks I read, the hits look great but more often than not you don’t get anywhere close to your money’s worth.

I guess I have to get used to Topps products because this year they would be the only player in town. Fortunately 2009 was a good year in term of products for them and I am optimist but I can’t help to foresee tons of packs in bargain bins the next coming years with even more collectors leaving.



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3 responses to “Random Pack Break: Topps Unique and Series 2

  1. $6.50 a pack?!?! Yikes, that’s insane. They’re $5 a pack at my shop,

  2. Yea, I call it the Times Square tax. Nothing in cheap here. In Toy R Us it is $30 for some blasters.

  3. Baseball card stuff

    That’s outrageous! At my shop it’s only five bucks.

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