Mail Day: Trade with Lonestarr and On Card Autos

I am very excited about the cards I recently got in the mail. The latest trade with Lonestarr from Behind These Hazel Eyes centers around Jason Mayhem Miller. I have been getting really into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) lately and in fact I am making a career out of it. Mayhem Miller is probably the biggest character in MMA and he is best known for being the host of Bully Beatdown. Miller is always entertaining and is never afraid to run his mouth. If I am not mistaken, this and all the variation from the Donruss Americana set is the only Jason Miller cards and I have been wanting this cards for awhile now. BTW, Miller and his dog have a Twitter account and it is always a good read.

I also got a bunch of cards for my PC from Lonestarr. My favorites are the Pack Wars Kaz Matsui and the Fu Te Ni card. I know of MLB Showdown cards but I am not familiar with Pack Wars but I imagine it to be similar.

Also in the mail I got this awesome auto of Kei Igawa from a trade with Chris of On Card Autos. Kei Igawa has been a bust in the MLB but I love that he signed his name in Japanese.

Thanks. The cards are awesome.



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2 responses to “Mail Day: Trade with Lonestarr and On Card Autos

  1. lonestarr

    Glad it all arrived safely and was to your satisfaction. I received the ones you sent awhile ago, just forgot to take them with me last time I went to scan stuff. Will do a proper post once I get them scanned.

    I think there was a thing in each pack of Pack Wars with rules on it, but I never really looked at it since it didn’t matter cuz all my friends exist in cyberspace. But anyway, within a larger pack, there are two packs with three of those base cards each, with the occasional refractory-yet-not-really-chrome parallel #’ed /56 (pitchers are numbered the same but way harder to get for some reason, and don’t seem to appear near as often as base cards either). Then there’s a prize pack with a hit in it, either a relic, auto, auto/relic, retired auto or relic (presumably all from ’03 Fan Favorites, I pulled a Lee Smith auto from that set one of my first packs), or a cut auto. There might be a $100 bill too, but I don’t remember for sure off the top of my head. I guess whoever wins the game would get the prize pack.

    Anyway, they are pretty decent hit-a-pack packs if you can find them. The hits are nice looking (and shiny) and the autos are on-card. And they’re cheap too. I’ve yet to pay more than $5 for a pack of Pack Wars, I guess due to the obscurity (and maybe because I got them in five pack lots a couple times). The only downside is that they’re an absolute beast to get out of the blister pack without a knife, lol.

  2. Interesting. Definitely have to look more into it.

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