CotG: Yet Another Pack of Topps Signatures

Wow, that is the way you rebound from a humiliating loss against the Mavericks. The Knicks completely dominated the lowly Timberwolves and David Lee was putting his best effort to be picked as an all star this year. It is great to see so many turnovers not committed by the Knicks for once. So for today, I have yet another pack of Topps Signatures Basketball (because honestly I don’t have any other packs lying around). This is my last pack and I have saved it up in my rainy day box for quite some time .

The pack:
Jerry West 1199/2325
Reggie Theus 655/869
Arron Afflalo Auto 648/917
Joe Alexander 1972/2325

I don’t really know why but I was rooting for Joe Alexander to have a great rookie year and to represent in the Slam Dunk contest. Unfortunately he just kind of disappeared. Arron Affalo and Reggie Theus sounds vaguely familiar but I won’t be able to tell you anything about them without looking it up on Google. But without the doubt the basketball player with the best NBA career is Jerry West so he is the CotG (Card of the Game).



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2 responses to “CotG: Yet Another Pack of Topps Signatures

  1. Baseball card stuff

    Do you know if they made baseball ones? Thanks.

  2. Topps didn’t make one for baseball. The reason for this product was that Topps lost their basketball license and had to dump their stickers autos. That is why the price for this product is very cheap but it flooded the market with basketball autos. Good for me bad for sellers…

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