Random Pack Break: Another Pack of 2009 Sweet Spot Baseball

With the Knicks playing horrible as of late and with baseball right around the corner, I have another pack of 2009 Sweet Spot Baseball. I have been lucky with it before.

The Pack:
Zack Greinke
Adam Jones
Jon Lester
Josh Johnson
Johan Santana
Cole Hamels
Miguel Tejada

The Hit:
Travis Snider Sweet Beginnings Auto

Not bad. When I saw a huge decoy and no other thick card so I knew I had an auto. Travis Snider is a promising prospect (I actually had him as my all auto all star team) and the auto is on card which is always nice. I know Sweet Spot is a hit or miss product but it was one of my favorite products last year. The lows are really low as the jersey cards are very boring and generic but the highs are top notch (like my sweet Reggie Jackson patch card). In fact, the product has been so popular they raise the price of it from $20 to $25 which kind of sucks. Lucky I bought this pack awhile ago.



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: Another Pack of 2009 Sweet Spot Baseball

  1. how frustrating have the knicks been this year? starts off like you expect, (even worse maybe) then we get glimmers of hope- maybe a playoff run? and now back to shitting the bed

  2. Absolutely. They have brief glimpse of competence and then they fall back to their bad habits. It is so frustrating.

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