Pack Battle: 2010 Upper Deck Baseball vs 2010 Topps Baseball

I have two hobby packs of 2010 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1 and a jumbo pack of 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1 so lets see which one comes out on top.

Base Cards:

Upper Deck:


I actually like the Upper Deck design a lot more than the Topps one. That curved side border thing and prominent team names on the Topps cards just doesn’t work for me (it is kind of hard to explain why). I much prefer the simple border on the Upper Deck cards with the focus of the photography. Speaking of photography you wouldn’t notice that UD lost the MLB license from the photos they chose. It is the typical action shots I come to expect from them. Of course if you look into cards closely the Upper Deck did try to choose photos in which the team teams and logos are obscured a bit but again in terms of photography you can’t tell the difference from the previous years. Upper Deck gets the edge.


Upper Deck:
Madison Bumgarner

Henry Rodriguez
Eric Young Jr.
Cesar Ramos

I haven’t followed baseball as much as in the past but I believe Madison Bumgarner is much bigger prospect than the Topps 3. Plus as I have said before, I hate the new Topps rookie logo. It is so small and indistinguishable I constantly miss it when sorting the cards. The Upper Deck logo although it not in conjuncture with MLB is a lot more prominent and I don’t know, more original. Upper Deck gets the edge here.

Inserts and Parallels:

Upper Deck:
Ryan Zimmerman Biography
Aaron Hill Biography
Zack Duke Biography
Wandy Rodriguez Biography
Adrian Gonzalez Pure Heat
Hiroki Kuroda Portraits

Rocco Baldelli Black Parallel 7/59
Akinori Iwamura Gold Paralle 409/2010
Babe Ruth History of the Game
1969 Amazin’ Mets Tale of the Game
Mike Schmidt Turkey Red
Frank Robinson Vladimir Guerrero Legendary Lineage
Evan Longoria Toppstown
Tris Speaker Peak Performance
Dave Winfield The Card Your Mom Threw Away
Topps Million Card Giveaway

I don’t really care about the biography inserts and portraits insert is something anyone can do with paint. I am pretty sure the design is used before (or at least it looks very familiar) and I am pretty sure the photo has been used before but now it is cropped for the head shot. I really like the pure heat insert though. It reminds me of the old Pacific inserts in the 90’s. It is not for everyone but I always love them for being so over the top.

The peak performance, toppstown, legendary linage (is it me so does look like it could be from UD SP Authentic), turkey red and the parallels are all inserts I come to expect from Topps year after year. I have gotten a ton of Babe Ruth cards over the years and the History of the Game one doesn’t distinguish itself in anyway. However I love the 1969 Amazin’ Mets Tales of the Game insert and it would a great addition to my PC. Finally I am actually excited about the Topps Million Card Giveaway gimmick this year but I am betting I won’t be when I redeemed them… Anyways I think it is safe to say that Topps has the edge in inserts.

The hits:

Upper Deck:
Edwin Jackson jersey card
Ryan Zimmerman jersey card


I got lucky in the Upper Deck packs and got both jersey cards in the box. Edwin Jackson is a meh but I like Zimmerman so by default Upper Deck has the edge here.

So all in all for this pack battle Upper Deck wins. We’ll see if my opinion of the products change as the year wears on.



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7 responses to “Pack Battle: 2010 Upper Deck Baseball vs 2010 Topps Baseball

  1. Baseball card stuff

    If you don’t want the topps, I would gladly take them off your hands. I recently bought a pack of 2010 upper deck and four packs of topps, I like the topps better. I might actually try to complete the whole set this year.

  2. I going to sort out the Topps cards for trades so if you need any specific cards to complete the set I would be glad to help. I am definitely going to get more of both.

  3. bobbie

    were you willing to trade the eric young jr. and both ards for ichiro?

  4. bobbie

    oh, if you also don’t want the rookies I’d be willing to take them off your hands if you decide to trade them.

  5. I purchased three packs of retail at target, I got two celebrity profile Brad Pitt and Angelina somebody, Jeannifer Anniston, and somebody and a Dan Harden Supreme (green), know anything about these? Thanks

  6. Upper Deck had a popular insert called Presidential Predictors last year which pairs up politicians with famous moments in baseball. The most notable feature is the quirkly comics. The Celebrity Predictor goes along the same lines. Presidential Predictors were fairly collectible last year but I don’t know how hot the celebrities counterpart are yet.

    Supreme is a retail only insert and green is the most common color.

  7. I like both of the Topps and Upper Deck cards, but I am more of an Upper Deck Collector because of value, but have been getting complete topps sets every year since I can remember.

    Definitely the two top brands and both brands brought the heat this year with their series 1. I got to give it to Upper Deck though their inserts and card quality just wins.

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    My e-bay name is PokerTablesPlus – Please check out my items!

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