Super Bowl Box Break: Blaster of 2009 UD Icons Football and 2009 Topps Kickoff

With the Super Bowl today, I got to open some football cards. I have a blaster of 2009 Upper Deck Icons and a blaster of 2009 Topps Kickoff which I got with a gift card to the NFL shop. The Upper Deck Icon blaster box is in very bad shape and it looks like someone kicked across the room. I hope the cards are alright. First the Icons blaster. There are 10 packs with five cards per pack.

Pack 1:
Kurt Warner
Larry Johnson
Roger Staubach America’s Team Jersey Card
Steve Smith

Pack 2:
Keith Rivers
Matt Ryan Game Day Gear Jersey Card- Nice!
Eddie Royal Foil
Roddy White

Pack 3:
Jay Cutler
Chad Pennington
Reggie Bush
Jamal Lewis
Philip Rivers

Pack 4:
LaDainian Tomlinson
Derrick Mason
Laveranues Coles
Aaron Kampman
Reggie Wayne

Pack 5:
Brady Quinn
Drew Brees
Andre Johnson
AJ Hawk
Clinton Portis

Pack 6:
Tyler Thigpen
Thomas Jones
Tom Brady
Ronnie Brown
Tim Hightower

Pack 7:
JaMarcus Russell
Bart Scott
Joe Flacco
Marshawn Lynch
Chris Cooley

Pack 8:
Jake Delhomme
Eddie Royal
Earnest Graham Foil
Isaac Bruce
Jonathan Vilma

Pack 9:
Andre Johnson
Earnest Graham
Darren McFadden Sophomore Sensations 302/450
DeSean Jackson
Joseph Addai

America’s Team Pack
Billy Joe Dupree
John Fitzgerald
Michael Downs
Danny White
Thomas Henderson

The cards weren’t damage and wow what a great blaster. I beat the odds and I got two jersey cards and they are of players people want Roger Staubach and Matt Ryan. As many may have known, I am not particularly a big football card collector but they would make great trade bait. I love the Icons design with the player shot and a faded closeup to the right. It is huge improvement over the 2008 design and they definitely would stand out among similar cards.

Now the Kickoff blaster. I guess it is the Opening Day of football. There is 11 packs with 6 cards per pack and here is the breakdown.

Base Cards: 56 with 22 of them rookies
Parallels /2009: 2
Topps Town: 2
Comics: 3
Stars of the Game: 3
Checklist: 2

Some of my favorite cards:

Maybe I should have opened this blaster first because there is no way Kickoff can surpass the Icons blaster. The comics are interesting and reminds me of the old Bazooka gum comics. The base and foil inserts cards are pretty much what you expect from a low tier product but the parallels really show how lazy Topps is. All Topps did was stamp the kickoff date and the serial number. So all in all even at double the price Upper Deck wins this round.



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2 responses to “Super Bowl Box Break: Blaster of 2009 UD Icons Football and 2009 Topps Kickoff

  1. Can you tell me how much Game Day Jersey Football cards are worth? I have gotten many of them from different Upperdeck sets. I have bought a full size beckett football and even the magazine, but I can’t find out how much they are worth. All of the cards start with NFL- players initials.


    Joshua Collins

  2. I mostly specialize in baseball and basketball card but from what I know you can expect common jersey cards to got from $3 – $6 and the stars prolly a bit more. The stars should be listed in Beckett and if I have to guess it can range from $6 – $25.

    Of course this is book value and the economy the way it is it you probably get have of book value (and that’s if you’re lucky.)

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