Random Box Break: 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1 Blaster Box

I didn’t think I would but I have been very excited about 2010 Topps Baseball. It is probably due to the Topps Million Card Giveaway gimmick. I understand all the negatives about it (like $3 S/H) but for some reason pulling a virtual card is more exciting than pulling a “real” card at least for the time being. This feeling may wear off over time but whoever thought of this idea in Topps should get a raise. Anyways I got a blaster from K-mart.

Here some of the highlights in the blaster:

A couple of cards for my PC

A couple of interesting base cards and inserts

I also pulled a Topps Million Card Giveaway card and I “pulled” a Fernando Valenzuela 1987. It is a 80’s card but at least it is someone I heard of. I have been trying to trade all my virtual cards to get cards I actually want. Wish me luck…

O, I almost forgot. All blaster have a commemorative patch card and mine is Chase Utley celebrating the 2008 World Series which as a Mets fan is about the last card I want. Overall, not bad but could be better. I should really start to organize my 2010 cards for trades…


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