Random Box Break: Topps UFC Main Event

Today I have a box of Topps UFC Main Event and it is a product I have been dying to get. It just came out today and I knew I just had to swing by my card store after work to see if they have it in stock. Topps really hit a home run with this one.

First the hits.

Frankie Edgar is going to face BJ Penn next for the UFC Lightweight Championship. I don’t think he has much of shot to win though.

Ryan Darth Bader just won the biggest fight of his career against The Dean of Mean Keith Jardine.

Sweet. Todd Duffee is a promising heavyweight and he has the fastest knockout in UFC history is his UFC debut, 7 seconds.

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell is a legend, what more can I say.

This is my favorite hit of the bunch. It is a piece of the cage and I think this is the coolest addition the product.

The base cards are simply stunning. The photography/ action shots are top notch and they really pop with the rainbow foil. Trust me the cards look a lot better than my scans. Prior UFC sets suffer from blurry pictures but it is no longer a problem. The cards really capture the look and feel of MMA. I dig the inserts too. The propaganda posters idea really works for MMA. The Top 10 fights, the Ultimate Fighters and posters inserts all do a good job capturing big moments in UFC history. For the top 10 fights cards, I have to go back and find videos of some of these fights. I am sure they are all worth a second viewing. I don’t care too much for the parallels but I don’t usually. The parallels are just thicker and gold instead of silver.

By the numbers:

Base Set 144/150 96% Complete! No doubles. Not bad.

20 Parallels

4 Propaganda Cards

9 Top 10 Fights Cards

4 Fight Posters Cards

7 The Ultimate Fighter Cards

I just need card number 21,39,43,65,85,119 to complete the set and while I’m at it I need card number 5,6,7,9,10,12,15,19,22,23,26,29,30,35,36,38,47,48,49,51,54,55,60,63,68,69,71,
76,85,90,93,100,102,103,108,110,112,113,115,125,126,129,134,135,142,148 to complete Topps UFC Round 2. It goes without saying that it is going significantly harder to complete that set.

All in all I give this product A+++. I was worried that without Upper Deck the quality of cards would suffer but with 2010 Topps Baseball and now this that was uncalled for.



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3 responses to “Random Box Break: Topps UFC Main Event

  1. Holy crap, those propaganda cards are sweet! I had no idea those were coming..

  2. I can hook you up with the R2 base and Main Event Base you may still need. I liked your article, so Just email at info@buymmacards.com and I’ll hook you up. Robert

  3. Thanks so much. Email sent.

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