Random Pack Break: One More Celebrity Repack

I found this celebrity repack on the top my bookshelf yesterday and it was soooo dusty. I must have put it there and forgot about it until now. Again the repack has 3 packs of Donruss Americana II and 3 packs of Popcardz. I am just missing 3 cards to complete the Donruss Americana set so I just looking out for 128,185,189 and the inserts. I have to check but I think I am also close to completing the Popcardz set too because of all these repacks.

Donruss Americana II Pack 1:
Barbara Bush
Todd Bridges
Jackie Chan Proof 377/500 !!!
Gloria Stuart
Lisa Marie

Pack 2:
Goldie Hawn
Ed Asner
Vicki Lawrence TV Stars 32/500
Mitzi Gaynor
Helen Slater

Pack 3:
Janel Parrish
John Wooden
Richard Anderson
Elisabeth Rohm
Lindsay Wagner

Popcardz Pack 1:
M Rod
Jessica Biel
Molly Sims Relic Card
Kristen Stewart
Nick Cannon

Pack 2:
Hayden Panettiere
Rosario Dawson
Dylan Sprouse
Rachael Bilson
Christina Ricci

Pack 3:
Rayen- Symone
Jon Heder
Jared Leto
Eva Mendes
Leighton Meester

The Auto:
Chad Lindberg/ Ash

Nice. I got a Jackie Chan parallel. He is one of my favorite actors and I was looking for another Jackie Chan card so I can send one of them to see if he signs TTM. The hit from the PopCardz is a huge bonus. I don’t know the odds of the hits in that set but it can’t be good. I almost missed that the Molly Sims card had a piece of her shirt because the card looks exactly like a base card and the window was soooo small. Supernatural is my favorite TV show right now so the autograph is pretty cool. Although I don’t quite remember who Ash is though. Not bad all around.



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4 responses to “Random Pack Break: One More Celebrity Repack

  1. lonestarr

    Awesome repack! I didn’t even know there were any kind of hits in Popcardz. I regret not getting one of these Celebrepacks the one time I had the chance. They seem pretty cool.

  2. I’ll have to disagree. But I just flat out don’t like the non-sports cards.

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