CotG: 2009 Donruss Elite Basketball Blaster

Between the Knicks vs the Pistons and the Nets vs the Cavs today, I chose to watch LeBron do his thing. But it looks like the Knicks got a huge win tonight but looking the scores both team’s defense are quite suspect. Bill Walker had a good night and he is quite a steal.

The two packs of 2009 Donruss Elite Basketball (a long time ago) was good enough for me to crave for more so I got a blaster in Kmart. There is 8 packs with 5 cards each.

Pack 1:
Jermaine O’Neal
Dwyane Wade Prime Target
Carlos Boozer
Gerald Wallace
Kevin Love

Pack 2:
Greg Oden
Kobe Bryant Clutch Performers
Andrei Kirilenko
Andrew Bynum

Pack 3:
Dirk Nowitzki
Nate Robinson
Paul Pierce Elite Series
John Salmons
Yi Jianlian

Pack 4:
LeBron James
David West
Antawn Jamison
Chauncey Billups
Russell Westbrook

Pack 5:
Josh Smith
Joe Johnson PrimeTargets
Gilbert Arenas
Paul Gasol
Rajon Rondo

Pack 6:
Daequan Cook
Shaquille O’Neal
Peja Stojakovic
Manu Ginobili Elite Thread Patch 9/50 !!!
OJ Mayo
Derrick Rose

Pack 7:
Al Thornton
Michael Redd/ Andrew Bogut Teamwork
Caron Butler
Brook Lopez
Amare Stoudemire

Pack 8:
Charlie Villanueva
Rashard Lewis
Gerald Henderson/ Raymond Felton Teamwork
Travis Ariza
Brandon Roy

So the first thing I notice is that the retail version of Donruss Elite is not foiled so that is kind of a bummer. The foil black design is what attracted me to the product in the first place. But I can’t complain to much as a may have pulled my best retail hit ever, a Manu Ginobili patch card. I have been pulling a couple of patch cards lately and I am really beginning to appreciate them. Honestly until recently I was more excited by pulling autos than patches. Of all the inserts I think Clutch Performers is my favorite. The design catches your eye without being overly flashy. All in all, I may be very biased but I think the retail version give you more value even without the patch card.

If you know me by now, the CotG (Card of the Game) is easily Nate Robinson (even though he is not on the team anymore). I really believe Nate could have played a bigger part with the Knicks but he just wasn’t given the opportunity. I am still a fan and hope the best for him.



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2 responses to “CotG: 2009 Donruss Elite Basketball Blaster

  1. lonestarr

    Hmm… I think it’s safe to say you are officially on a roll.

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