My Topps Million Card Giveaway Collection

So I manage to get 11 codes for 11 cards at this point. I didn’t get anything too valuable but after a of bunch of wheeling and dealing I got a bunch of cards I want (at varying degrees).

My Favorite Card

I was offered this card for Gary Nolan 1973. I didn’t know who Bert Campaneris was so I wikied it and found out at one point his was a switch pitcher even though he is a infielder mostly. I have been fascinated with switch pitchers and have a little collection going (just Greg Harris and Pat Venditte). This trade definitely fits in the learn something new every day philosophy.

Junk Cards I Traded to Get Cards I Need for My PCs

I got a lot of junk cards I didn’t want so I kept offering them for other junk cards that fits in my PCs. The hardest card to trade was Angel Berrora 2005 but I eventually found a taker for the Kaz Ishii card. I got the Kenji Johjima card at random with the code and I can’t believe I didn’t have that card.

Cards I Vaguely Want Because They Are Old/ Trade Bait

As you can tell, I got these cards when the site couldn’t stop spewing out 70’s cards. Feel free to search for these cards and make an offer for them.


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