CotG: 1999-2000 Skybox Apex

The Knicks are very very lucky to have won this game, not that it means much anymore. At this point, everyone is just playing for their job next year. Today I have two packs of 1999-2000 Skybox Apex. I got it from a card machine and I probably overpaid for them but I didn’t collect basketball cards back then so this would be the first pack of Apex I ever opened. According the wrapper you can get a game used net card (which is kind of original but I am not sure if I want one) and a Keith Van Horn autograph jersey redemption cards. Anyways, here is what is inside.

First Pack:
Kornel David
Tim Hardaway
Brevin Knight
Tyrone Nesby
Darrell Armstrong
Kornel David- Double
Allen Iverson
Randy Brown

Second pack:
Steve Smith
Eddie Jones
Allan Houston
Predrag Stojakovic
Larry Johnson
Grant Hill
Ron Mercer
Donyell Marshall

I actually like the design of the cards. The base cards look like black parallels from recent base sets and the black glitter borders works well with the bright colors on the front of the card. The action shots are top notch and Skybox actually used two different photos for the front and back, a rarity nowadays. The backs though looks too 90’s with the bright colors without the black borders to balance it out and with the busy design.

The CotG (Card of the Game) is easily Allan Houston. He was paid like a franchise player but didn’t perform like one. He was the burden on the Knicks with his huge contract and injury plagued years towards the end of his career. In fact, the NBA made a Allan Houston rule to lessen the burden of his contract to salary cap and in typical Knicks fashion they didn’t capitalize on it. Still none of this is his fault and fans in general seems to have a positive view of him.


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