Pics and Scans from the John Starks Signing

Today may be one of the crappiest days weather wise.

But I still woke up early (no easy task for me) to get to the John Starks signing in K-mart. Probably because of the weather, I ended up being the fourth person there.

John Starks actually came early and if you’re not looking for him you could easily miss him walking on the street by himself with his big umbrella. Here he is arriving in K-mart. Trust me it is him.

Ironically I took a bunch of pictures during the signing and all my close ups of John Starks turn out blurry with my camera phone or something got in the way. So here is the best picture of him, blurry and cropped up.

John Starks ended up signing two things for me. A card and a photo for my brother.

I knew I chose a card whose background was too dark for autographs but I couldn’t find another card at the time. O wells. The photo turned out great though. All in all it was a great day.


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One response to “Pics and Scans from the John Starks Signing

  1. beardy

    Was there anyone better at dropping 3’s in NBA Jam than John Starks was? Maybe Dan Majerle, but even that is debatable.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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