CotG: Panini Basketball- Great Pull!!

The Knicks are won back to back games for the first time since January if I’m not mistaken. Anyways, I just found out the hobby store closest to me was closing down which is very sad. Their story is all too familiar and the owner is a great person. I didn’t have too much cash with me so I got six packs of Panini basketball and I will open three for today’s CotG (Card of the Game).

Pack 1:
Kevin Durant
Rodney Stuckey
Shane Battier
Desmond Mason
Chris Kaman
Lakers Sticker
Jerry West Legends of the Game Auto!!!
Derrick Brown
Chris Bosh All Pro
Keyon Dooling
Hakim Warrick
Bobby Simmons

Pack 2:
Derrick Rose
Troy Murphy
Leon Powe
Mario Chalmers
Richard Jefferson
Udonis Haslem
Derrick Rose Sticker
Derrick Brown
Detlef Schrempf Legends of the Game
Darrell Arthur
Chris Bosh
Jerry Stackhouse

Pack 3:
Alando Tucker
Glen Davis
Ben Wallace
Rodney Carney
Carlos Boozer
Rudy Guy Future Stars Artist Proof 75/199
Al Jefferson Sticker
Earl Clark
Kobe Bryant Jam Masters
Anthony Morrow
Beno Udrih
Monta Ellis

First off, wow what a pull! A Jerry West autograph. That is a lot a better than I was expecting from a low tier product. I like Panini basketball before and now I love it pulling this auto. Incredibly out of 36 cards there is not one Knick so there is a number of ways I can go for the CotG. I decided to go with Chris Bosh All Pro cards since that is the superstar free agent most likely to sign with the Knicks.

With strong products from Topps and Panini (to an extent) and with Upper Deck suffering from legal trouble which is clearly affecting their products, I found myself buying less and less Upper Deck products and I used to be a big Upper Deck fan.


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One response to “CotG: Panini Basketball- Great Pull!!

  1. Sweet auto pull. Gotta love it from the base Panini set.

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