Random Box Break: Topps Signature Basketball

I was going to save this box of Topps Signature Basketball for my Card of the Game (CotG) posts but lets face it, the Knicks aren’t going to win much and I really can’t wait to bust this open. I may have paid a little much for it but when you factor in shipping and handling it wasn’t that much more.

Pack 1:
Sean Singletary
Kyle Weaver
Yi Jianlian Auto 4632/6225
Robert Parish

Pack 2:
Reggie Theus
Nick Young Red Parallel
Paul Pierce Auto 1299/1999
Dolph Schayes

Pack 3:
Zach Randolph
Shaquille O’ Neal Red
Nick Young Auto 2035/ 6225
Nick Young

Pack 4:
Dennis Rodman
OJ Mayo Red
Reggie Theus Auto 182/940
Josh Howard

Pack 5:
Otis Birdsong
Rajon Rondo Facsimile Parallel
Jo Jo White White Auto 275/ 989
Rajon Rondo

Pack 6:
DeAndre Jordan
Yi Jianlian Red
Ricky Pierce Auto 358/999
Daniel Gibson

Pack 7:
Isiah Thomas
DeAndre Jordan Red
Spencer Hawes Auto 699/999
Yi Jianlian

Pack 8:
Russell Westbrook
Rodney Stuckey Red
Maurice Lucas Auto 500/999
George Hill

I bought a lot of Topps Signature Basketball last year and it shows in this box break. I have four of the eight autos already including the one per box Group A autograph Paul Pierce. I don’t mind get doubles of Yi Jianlian and Paul Pierce autos. The Nick Young auto was a little different than the one I pulled already. This time he signed his whole name rather than just initialing it. I watch a bunch of box breaks in addition to my Topps Signature breaks and Nick Young autos always seems to be followed by Spencer Hawes autos. O wells. The other four autos are interesting old timers who I am not familiar with and I have to research them when I get the time. I also needed the Yi Jianlian base and parallel for my PC.

It is a sticker dump but I love this product and its price point. I considered building the set but I am still reluctant to commit the money to it. We’ll see.


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